Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Any given Sunday

Saturday's in our house are very busy between soccer and running errangs.  So, we try to make Sunday's as low-key and stress free as possible.  Well, as stress-free and low-key a small house with two high energy
toddlers can be. 

This past Sunday was no exception.  Since it was the last day our local apple orchard was open, we decided to take advantage and get some pumpkins and apples.  The girls were not too sure of the pumpkin patch when we first started out.  Maybe it was because they were sound asleep in the car.  Then A saw the tractor and that is all she focused on.  The child LOVES tractors. 

After the pumpkin patch, we picked up some apples and headed home.  It was time for lunch and nap.  In normal fashion, the girls slept for about 30 minutes.  But, unlike normal, the girls curled up on the couch with momma and fell back to sleep.  It was AWESOME!  It has been so long that they have let me curl up with them and stayed still.  I was not complaining.  Adam also took the opportunity to catch up on his sleep. 

Once the girls woke up, it was time for more fun!  We parked their high chairs in the kitchen so that they could help me make an apple pie.  Since apples are a staple in the house, the corer/peeler/slicer is always attached to the counter.  The girls like watching that and sometimes do a little dance when I am turning it.  They took turns stirring the ingredients for me. 

Once the pie was in the oven and filling the house with amazing aroma, it was time to carve our pumpkins.  It has been so long since I carved a pumpkin, I almost forgot where to begin.  I definitely forgot how much work it was!
Once carving was done, it was time for our family Sunday dinner.  Pizza and football!  Every Sunday, we move the girls into the living room for dinner and all enjoy pizza while we watch football.

We ended the day with the lighting of our pumpkins.  What a perfect Sunday. 

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