Monday, September 20, 2010

Finger Painting

Did you know that September 12th was Grandparents Day?  A lot of people didn't.  According to Wikipedia, Grandparents Day was established as a way to honor and recognize the importance of seniors.  A and L decided they too wanted to honor and recognize the importance of their grandparents by making cards for them using finger paints.

I never knew how exhausting finger painting can be!  All I can say is wow.  But, the most important thing is the girls had a lot of fun and the grandparents all enjoyed their cards.  This also gave us the opportunity to see the girls different personalities in full swing.
  • L had no problem grabbing handfuls of paint and throwing it on the paper resulting in a paint loaded and soaked paper
  • A doesn't like having her hands dirty, therefore she preferred the one finger method.  One finger at a time she dipped into the paint and wiped on the paper.  
  • But, A has no problem at all taking the same finger, loaded with blue paint, and shoving it into her mouth.  (Thank you Crayola for making your products non-toxic!)

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